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Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is the first step in the ESA process to identify and address potential environmental concerns for a property. Completing a Phase I ESA can help minimize risk and potential litigation when buying, selling or financing a property, and S2S Environmental can help guide you in this process.

Autobody Garage
Gas Station

Subsurface contamination at a property can affect the value of the property and the ability to obtain financing on the property, an may result in potential liability with respect to occupants or to owners of nearby properties that may become impacted by the contamination. S2S Environmental can help you navigate these concerns and reduce your risks when dealing with real property.

A Phase I ESA completed by S2S Environmental in accordance with CSA Standard Z768-01 is nationally recognized by lenders and other financial institutions as the first step towards identifying potential environmental liabilities associated with real property and completing appropriate due diligence for your asset. This assessment will identify whether any Potentially Contaminating Activities (PCAs) are present which result in Areas of Potentially Environmental Concern (APECs) on the property that require further investigation.

S2S Environmental will then provide guidance with respect to the significance of these concerns and recommend next steps, when appropriate.

In addition to the nationally-recognized CSA Standard, S2S Environmental also offers Phase I ESAs in accordance with provincial regulatory standards such as Ontario Regulation 153/04 (as amended) for redevelopment purposes or submissions to municipalities. These assessments carry an enhanced level of diligence required by these municipal/provincial organizations, and S2S Environmental can work with your development teams to meet these requirements. 

Dry Cleaning Facility
Chemical Storage Tank near Building
Above Ground Chemical Storage Tank

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