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Baseline Property Condition Assessments

Baseline Property Condition Assessments

A Baseline Property Condition Assessment (BPCA) is an assessment of the physical condition of a property to identify existing or potential issues with the property, including deficiencies or hazards that may affect its overall value, safety or usability, and significant repair or replacement items and their associated costs. 

Exterior Side of Brick Building

A BPCA generally involves an assessment of exterior elements, the structural frame and building envelope, roofing systems, plumbing/HVAC/ electrical/elevator systems, life safety and fire protection systems and interior elements. Immediate, major and minor deficiencies that are observed are documented with photographs and are summarized to develop Immediate and Replacement Reserve Cost Tables.

Basement of a Building being supported by Steel Beams
TPO Roof

BPCAs are typically completed for financing due diligence, but also can be conducted at the time of purchase, and for ongoing due diligence and risk management. S2S Environmental has extensive experience working with the financial industry and understands the requirements for BPCAs for property financing purposes. At S2S Environmental, we ensure our Clients' BPCA needs are met by quickly delivering detailed, quality reports.

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