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Hazardous Building Materials Management

A damaged area of asbestos containing material

An asbestos survey is a specialized inspection of a building or property to identify the presence, location and condition of any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that may pose a health risk to occupants or workers. Once ACMs are identified, the survey is required to be updated annually for a building owner's due diligence and to facilitate ongoing management. We routinely carry out annual ACM inspections, prepare asbestos management plans (AMPs), specifications and carry out contractor oversight, inspections and air monitoring programs during removal.


Mould is a type of fungus that can grow in damp and humid environments and can pose a health risk to occupants or workers.  S2S Environmental has extensive experience to help manage the risks associated with mould in building, to minimize liability and to demonstrate due diligence.

Entrance to a sealed mould hazard area

Our mould consulting services include the following:

  • Inspection and sampling programs to identify mould spores;

  • Inspection of concealed building spaces and HVAC systems;

  • Identification of mould amplification sites;

  • Design of mould removal and remediation specifications and work plans; and

  • Inspection and clearance of mould abatement projects.

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Other Hazardous Substances

A Hazardous Building Materials Assessment (HBMA) is comprehensive inspection of a building or property to identify the presence, location and condition of hazardous substances listed by each relevant Provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act or Code. The HBMA, also commonly referred to as a Designated Substances Survey (DSS) is required prior to all renovation projects or building demolitions. The substances surveyed include but are not limited to arsenic, asbestos, benzene, lead, silica, mercury, mould, polychlorinated bi-phenyls (PCBs) and ozone depleting substances (ODSs). This assessment is an integral tool to protect the health and safety of workers.

At S2S Environmental, we have extensive experience carrying out hazardous building materials assessments, sampling programs and providing abatement consulting services. S2S Environmental has conducted numerous assessments and surveys across Canada serving all sectors.

Worker on Lift in Building
Possible ACM Pipe Fitting
A wall with tarp sealing off possible contaminants
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